Bringing Merchandises or Personal Effects into the United States?

Let our Customs Brokerage office near JFK New York handles the customs clearance for you?


By law any product imported in the United States needs to be declared before entering the U.S. customs territory. 

TRANSCO CUSTOMS BROKER will assist you in this task. 

We are a customs brokerage firm licensed by The U.S. Department of Homeland Security under license number 31879. Our customs broker team will advise you on U.S. customs laws and regulations; and on the required documentation. 

We will handle the entry process and release process for you. We use the ACE/ABI program for a fast release of your shipment. 

Please contact us before you ship your goods to the U.S. so that we can adequately advise on how to avoid mistakes that can lead to costly delays and customs hold of your shipments.



  • Informal Entry: For shipments under $2500 in total value.
  • Formal Entry: Mostly for shipments above $2500 in value.
  • Special Entry: Personal Effects, Goods of returning U.S citizen; etc...
  • Importer Security Filing (ISF): For ocean shipments. Needs to be filed with U.S. Customs at least 48 hours before the vessel sails from the port of origin.
  • Application for Importer ID: For Non U.S resident importer
  • Single Entry or Continuous Bonds:  Required for shipments above $2500.
  • Classification: According the Harmonized Tariffs Schedule.
  • FDA, USDA and Other U.S. Government Agencies Processing: Prior notice & other requirements.
  • FDA Registration Number:  Required for foods imports. 
  • Inland Freight Delivery: Through our network of domestics trucking partners.
  • Customs Examinations Assistance: if U.S. Customs and Border Protection selects you cargo for examination (random selection).
  • Duties and Exam Payments: will make the payment on your behalf if you send us the payment on time.


  • POA: Power of Attorney.
  • ISF: Import security filing (for ocean only)

Please contact us today so that we can send you the required import documentation forms to star the customs clearance process on your behalf.